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DigiFlow3D offers courses and trainings about Digital Dentistry for both Clinicians and Dental Technicians. These courses and trainings are usually a mixture of lectures and hands-on training. Participants are encouraged to bring their laptop to the courses.

DigiFlow3D cooperates with different partners for these lectures, depending on the topic, product or service. The trainings are performed by Stijn Hanssen or (inter)national experts.

We can train you for different digital workflows using the following products:

  • 3D Scanning: Product to be announced soon!
  • 3D Design: Exocad DentalCAD, ExoPlan, Exocad Chairside
  • 3D Printing: NextDent 5100 and FabPro1000

If you are more interested in a personal training at your or our facility, please send an email to info@digiflow3d.com.

Upcoming trainings and events:

To be announced Waldo Zarco Nosti When 2D meets 3D. exocad SmileCreator Matera, exoplan and exocad Chairside course.



Past trainings and events:

March 11, 2019 Dr. Michael Scherer 1st. time in BeNeLux! Using Digital Dentistry to optimise workflows and communication between clinician and technician.